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Fashion skirts autumn-winter 2012-2013

Skirt - one of the most popular elements of the female wardrobe. As a real woman of fashion, it can be such a diverse and different - a romantic and seductive, the business and strong, the luxurious and elegant. What are the models of skirts are in fashion in the autumn-winter season 2012-2013? What is recommended to wear the new season the Western fashion houses and designers of the Russian women's clothing?
It is still in fashion skirts in the style of 50th. What, however, they are a bit lost in the volume, and the first position out romantic skirt "bell" just below the knee length.

A universal favorite, and so almost all women feminine and sexy pencil skirt, Dior donated to us all and at the height of fashion and will likely remain there for a long time. Because this model is perfectly suited for the office, and for the celebration. Do not just forget that the perfect pair for her to be high-heel shoes.
Retro-style is popular in the new season. This can safely say, seeing the delicate skirt the year, so popular in the 60th years of last century.
Do not leave this fall fashion Olympus flirtatious and feminine pleated skirt. Particular attention should be paid to elegant pleated skirts in light air chiffon - a wonderful option for a ceremonial occasion.
One of the most fashionable materials of the season - the skin. So the abundance patterns of leather skirts, not surprising. Seductive and sexy, stylish and a bit aggressive, they are in the new season at the height of fashion.
Another fashion trend of the season - the emphasis on the hips. For these purposes would be the best peplum skirt - the romantic model with frill around the waist, reminiscent of 'Basque'.
Bit of mystery and charm to add to your image, and incredibly luxurious multi-layered skirts in a gypsy style, made of translucent lightest materials.

Military style, which became yet another fashion trend of the new season brought with it a strict straight skirts and divided skirts, trapeze. Fashionable piece - the original fold as a bow in front.

Will be extremely popular and skirts with a smell, and the original model with romantic flounce in front, and elegant long skirts, "the floor" made of bright material of the original invoices.
But the undisputed favorite of the season autumn-winter 2012-2013 was the midi-skirt. Length just above or just below the knee allows even the most simple in cut skirt look stylish and elegant.

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